Sara Blumenstein

Design Strategy, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi there!

I’m a design strategist at Fourth Economy Consulting, an economic and community development consultancy focused on building better, stronger, and more equitable cities and organizations.

Previously, I worked at MAYA Design, a Pittsburgh-based innovation lab and design consultancy, and before that, I worked at cityLAB, a tiny nonprofit that took innovative approaches towards the economic development of neighborhoods and cities.

Also, I co-founded the Pittsburgh Canning Exchange. The goals of the Canning Exchange were to teach people how to home-preserve food and to grow a community of home food preservationists here in Pittsburgh.

Before all that: I went to college at The University of Chicago, where I graduated with an A.B. in English Literature with honors and learned to write clearly and think critically. I spent a year of college studying archeology at the University of Bologna, which ignited an interest in design and urbanism and helped me decide to study architecture. I received a Masters of Architecture with Distinction from the University of Michigan, then moved to Pittsburgh to work with Pablo Garcia, and was the 2010 Booth Traveling Fellow in Architecture.

Long before that, I wrote a letter to Martha Stewart when I was twelve.

For even more about me, download my résumé or send me an email or look at my blog, Nominal Swag, which I update sometimes!

Thanks for reading!