Sara Blumenstein

I'm a designer and strategist based in Pittsburgh, PA.

I like helping clients do new things, and projects where I can take a deep dive into a new domain, ask the right questions, and make complex things seem simple. I do that through a broad skill set that includes research, facilitation, strategy, and communications.

I've worked with clients ranging from public sector and non-profit organizations to start-ups to large consumer products companies, and across domains from community development to cybersecurity to healthcare to manufacturing. I believe that a problem well-stated is a problem half-solved; here are some questions I’ve answered through my projects:

What are tenants looking for in co-working spaces? How do local leaders feel about the future of Central Indiana? What place do consumers see for smart devices in their homes? What would make a free communication standard super-valuable to manufacturers? What will help outsiders see an overlooked neighborhood? How can an older generation's knowledge be made to feel new? How can the care of people with chronic illnesses be monitored and managed so that no one falls through the cracks?

I’m looking for new projects and I would love to hear about yours. Drop me a line!