Year: 2020
Work products: Deck, Lecture

Studio Culture 101


I designed this lecture to give at the beginning of an introductory Interaction Design studio course I'll be teaching at Carnegie Mellon University in fall 2020. Due to the global pandemic, the course will be delivered online.

In addition to the structure of projects, readings, and lectures outlined in the course syllabus, I felt it was important to outline for students the special kinds of interaction studio courses require. In doing this, we could set students' expectations for what studio work might feel like, and clue them into how they can support the course's learning environment, despite not being able to work together in the physical space of a design studio.


This lecture summarizes much of my philosophy about what makes a good designer: the ability to serially, continuously get excited about ideas; thinking about design as communication, or as conversation, or as contact sport; and thinking deeply about what feedback is and why it's important.